Furniture visualizer for your designers.

Empower customers to experience your products within their homes.

Imagine if your designers could create designs in your customers' room within minutes!

Increase conversion rate by helping customers visualize and make faster purchase decisions.

Instant Results

Customers can send a photo of their space and you can showcase your products in their room in seconds.

Realistic visuals

Customers can buy confidently, knowing that your products will match and fit their space.

No 3D models necessary!

We automatically parse your website to get the product data and images. Our AI does the rest.

No 3D models necessary!

Our AI uses your product images to automatically create 360 visuals, saving you huge modeling costs.

Limited availability,
but not for long.

Pilot programs will be open for a select group of customers. Apply now to get on our waiting list and see how Homely can work for you.

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How it Works

We do virtually all the work, just subscribe to a plan.

1. Subscribe to a plan

Homely prepares a tailored subscription plan for you.

2. We parse your data

Homely collects all required product data and images from your website.

3. Wait for Modeling

Homely's modeling and AI pipeline automatically process your products.

4. Start using the tool

That's it ! Your designers can now use the tool to create instant photorealistic designs.

See a demo and judge for yourself.